There are more than 1.1 million students studying in Poland, at almost 400 universities. Programmes run in both Polish and English Language. There are a lot more colleges for arts as well as faculties of humanities and polytechnics, all of them equipped with ideal laboratories and super-computers. While studying in Poland, you will have a chance to enter a competition with NASA or become a part of a prestigious scholarship programme in areas of humanities (like ancient and modern languages, literature and philosophy). Polish business schools deliver excellent education in management and finance (as double-degree programmes) all recognized and accredited internationally.

Great Career Opportunities
Studying in Poland is just the beginning. Those wanting to start their own business, or find a great job in an international company would benefit from a longer stay. Foreign companies operating in Poland prefer graduates from Polish universities. Akademickie Inkubatory Przedsiębiorczości (‘Academic Incubators of Entrepreneurship’) is a community that will help and nurture your business, and the Technology Parks are at your disposal. Additionally, The Warsaw Innovation week is a great hub where start-ups can attract the attention of foreign investors.

Budget Friendly
If you dream of going abroad and becoming independent while studying, do not worry about the cost, Poland is ideal for a student on a tight budget. No wonder Warsaw is the most affordable European student city according to 2016 QS Best Student Cities index.




Cost (PLN)

Cost (EUR)

Rent (student dormitory)

400 – 600

90 – 140

Public transportation

50 – 60

11 – 13

Health insurance

40 – 60

9 – 13

Phone, internet, and TV subscription bills

80 – 100

17 – 22


700 – 900

150 – 200


150 – 200

35 – 45

Average total expenses

1500 – 2000

330 – 430

Source: edited from study.gov.pl